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Grits recipe

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Grits recipe

I’ve been getting so numerous request on how to make a pot of excellent ol’ southern, creamy, breakfast grits.

Grits is such an simple recipe to make but chances are if you’re not from the south, you might not have even had, made or heard of grits.

Grits are created of coursely ground corn and boiled in water or milk to create a creamy pourage generally eaten for breakfast (thanks google)

In the south we like our grits for breakfast with sausage, eggs and toast or served up with fish. Examine out my recipe for cajun tilapia and cheese grits. So yummy!

Even though generating a pot of creamy grits is super easy, it’s simple to truly screw up the recipe. The first rule to making a pot of good grits is to Never ever MAKE IT According TO THE Bundle! I’m not confident who designed that recipe, but it sucks for generating creamy, flavorful grits with no getting to include a ton of salt and pepper. The 2nd rule is to consider not get any lumps. This could take practice if you are new to producing grits.

This video will present you how to whip up a pot of flawless, flavorful creamy grits!

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