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Polenta recipes

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Polenta recipes

At times described as Italian grits, polenta is a paste or dough made from cornmeal that has the electrical power to change a uninteresting, blah meal into something creamy, scrumptious and complete of texture. Whether or not you bake it or fry it, polenta works as a base for anything from pizza to pork. We’ve gathered 14 mouthwatering recipes for meals manufactured with this magical ingredient, so get ready to dig in!

1. Polenta Vegetable Casserole: For the veggie lover in all of us, this polenta-based casserole is warm, gooey and (relatively) healthy. (by means of Playin’ With My Foods)

2. Polenta Tomato Salad: Swap out croutons for baked or fried polenta cubes. They’re just as tasty and include a diverse kind of crunch to your salad. (by means of Edibly Educated)

3. Polenta Scramble: Whip up this mixture for breakfast, or phase outdoors the box and have breakfast for dinner! (by means of The Breakfast Drama Queen)

4. Chorizo Shrimp on Goat Cheese Polenta: Spicy shrimp and savory veggies make this taco relative super flavorful. (by way of In Sock Monkey Slippers)

five. Mexican Shredded Pork Polenta Bowl: Fall is approaching! ‘Tis the season for warm, soothing bowls of yum. (via Perpetually Hungry)

six. Mediterranean Kale and Polenta: We enjoy anything involving kale. Throw in some Mediterranean flavors and accents and we’re previously digging in. (via New Hippie Kitchen)

7. Baked Polenta and Tomato Salad: If you’re on a no-dairy kick or just aren’t a cheese fan, caprese can nonetheless be a element of your life when you swap out the mozzarella for polenta slices! (by means of A Gorgeous Mess)

ten. Sizzling Sausage + Tomatoes In excess of Polenta: Now we’re talking Italian… with a tomato-based sauce and some herbs for taste, this meal is certain to be a hit at the dinner table. (by means of Willow Bird Baking)

eleven. Cheesy Polenta Jalapeno Poppers With Mango Salsa: Football season calls for several-a-meal eaten in front of the Television. Bite-size poppers are best for sharing! (through Nutrition Stripped)

12. Salmon and Courgette Stacks: Courgette is a summer squash that’s similar to zucchini. Paired with salmon and polenta, it’ll knock your socks off. (via Strands of My Existence)

13. Lemony Garlic Pasta With Brussels Sprouts + Crispy Polenta: Often we all want a break from spaghetti and meatballs. Mix it up with a lemon + garlic pasta that’s complete of surprises (and polenta!). (through Generate on Parade)

14. Mini Deep Dish Polenta Pizza Pies: That’s right, pizza crust can be created from tons of diverse things, like polenta! (by way of Bev Cooks)

Are you a polenta fan? What’s your favourite way to dish it up? Share a recipe with us on Facebook!

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