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Scotcheroos recipe

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Scotcheroos recipe

Scotcheroos” are straightforward-to-make dessert bars with chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, and Rice Krispies. These addicting bars can be manufactured in 15 minutes or significantly less and are the ideal thing to deliver to a potluck or get together. Scotcheroos are loved by adults and kids alike!

Right after you’ve gotten hooked on this scotcheroos recipe, make sure to try some other crazy well-known dessert bars: rice krispie treats, carmelitas, seven layer bars, or lemon bars.

The very first time I had a scotcheroo was my freshman yr in school. We couldn’t have peanut butter in our home due to the fact my brother is severely allergic to peanuts, so I’d never ever attempted them prior to then.

The minute I experimented with scotcheroos, my fate of gaining the “freshman 15” was sealed. My roommates and I made them just about each time we essential to procrastinate studying…which was, properly, frequently.

Fortunately, I have two boys, a hubby, and plenty of neighbors to assist me eat them nowadays when I make a batch. And every time I deliver these scotcheroos to an event, people beg for the recipe. Even though these bars are totally delicious, a single of the greatest things about them? They’re also fast and straightforward to make!

Today I’m sharing how to make these bars and giving my prime tips and tricks. But very first of, in case you’re questioning the place the crazy name comes from:

Origins of scotcheroos:

These dessert bars became well-known in the 60s when it was printed on the box of Rice Krispies cereal. This recipe is somewhat tweaked from that original recipe!

How to make scotcheroos

  • Combine components in pot: in a tiny pot include the white sugar, unsalted butter, and light corn syrup. Heat more than medium heat until finally all the components are dissolved. It’s important to preserve the heat at medium so you don’t overcook this mixture which will consequence in difficult bars.
  • Make the scotcheroo base: include peanut butter, vanilla, and sea salt to that syrupy base. The salt helps carry out the flavors and stability the sweetness. Once the mixture is mixed, pour it more than Rice Krispies. Make positive to mix gently to keep the integrity of the krispies.
  • Make the topping: melt the butterscotch chips and milk chocolate chips to develop the creamy chocolate topping. Use your favored variety of chocolate for the topping! We like milk chocolate best, but dark chocolate or semi sweet chocolate work excellent also.

Rice Krispie Scotcheroos suggestions

  • Don’t overcook the sugar mixture: Your scotcheroos will come out difficult if you overcook or boil the sugar/corn syrup mixture. Make sure you pull it off the heat as soon as all the components are melted and combined.
  • Don’t compress the Rice Krispy layer: After you’ve spread the Rice Krispy layer in the pan keep away from compressing the mixture also much. Over-compressing the bars will yield brick hard bars.
  • Microwaving your chocolate/butterscotch just proper: Even though there’s tons of ways to melt chocolate, I like employing the microwave. The secret? Microwave in short bursts and stir in amongst every single burst for 10-15 seconds. Remember melting is nevertheless happening following becoming removed from the microwave.

Scotcheroos FAQS

Can you freeze scotcheroos?

Yes! These chocolate scotcheroos freeze fantastic. Location them in an airtight container and store them in the freezer for up to four months. When you are prepared to serve/eat them, enable them to thaw at area temperature for at least one hour.

How a lot of calories are in a scotcheroo?

Based on how you lower the bars, this batch of scotcheroos helps make about 20 servings. Every serving is approximately 228 calories.

How numerous cups of Rice Krispies are in a box?

A 12 ounce box of Rice Krispies has around ten cups of the Rice Krispies in it. You’ll use six cups for this recipe.

How to keep scotcheroos:

Scotcheroos will remain excellent for up to a week, but truthfully these are greatest (texture and taste wise) inside of the first 1-2 days. Hold the bars in an airtight container at room temperature while storing.

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